The 2.5 Litre Modified (“”A” class) hydroplane races at speeds over 130 mph – creatively. Few engine restrictions apply beyond prohibiting superchargers and setting a displacement limit of 166 cubic inches; engine modifications are limited only by the racer’s imagination.

  • Minimum Age: 16 years old
    Minimum Length: 16′
    Engine: Fully modified 2300 Ford, Essingler, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Datsun, Pontiac Fiero, Fontana, Sesco, Ecotec, and others
    Speed: 130+ MPH
    Minimum Weight: 1225-1325 lbs. depending on engine type
    Fuel: Methanol (alcohol) or Racing gasoline per APBA specs
    Cylinder Heads: 4 Cylinder
    Engine Block: Maximum displacement of 166 cubic inches

  • Competition Record: 104.633 MPH
    Straightaway Record: 137.279 MPH
    Previous Season National Champion:
    In Cahoots Again A-33 Cameron/Aid