5-Liter hydroplanes (“E” boats) race to speeds of 115 mph, powered by mildly modified marine-based stock 305 Chevrolet and 302 Ford V-8 engines (285 horsepower). Engine modifications are limited, putting a premium on driver skill, with great competition at every event. These guys and gals duke it out, every time!


  • Minimum Age: 16 years old
    Minimum Length: 16′
    Engine: 305 Chevrolet or 302 Ford V-8
    Speed: 115 MPH
    Minimum Weight: 1525 lbs. including driver
    Fuel: Gasoline per APBA specs
    Est. Horsepower: 285

  • Competition Record: 101.084 MPH
    Straightaway Record: 124.551 MPH
    Previous Season National Champion: E35 Jon Shaw

5-Liter Hydro Videos