The National Modified hydroplane (NM) offers speeds of 140 mph to the serious competitor, utilizing automotive and marine non-supercharged engines ranging from 4-cylinder and V-6 up to 368 cubic inch V-8 engines, carbureted and fuel injected.

  • Minimum Age: 16 years old
    Minimum Length: 17′-19′ depending on engine type
    Engine: 4 cylinder, V-6 and up to 368 cubic in. V-8 configurations
    Speed: 140 MPH
    Minimum Weight: 1255-1900 lbs. depending on engine type including driver
    Fuel: Methanol (alcohol) or racing gasoline per APBA specs

  • Competition Record: 115.510 MPH
    Straightaway Record: 153.794 MPH
    Previous Season National Champion: Murjr’s Lauterbach-NM200 Thompson III